Thompson Nicola Invasive Plant Management Committee


TNRD Japanese Knotweed Strategy

June 3, 2019

The Thompson-Nicola Invasive Plant Management Committee (TNIPMC) is currently developing a Japanese knotweed strategy to support knotweed management throughout the Thompson Nicola Regional District. The TNIPMC is asking the public to report any Japanese knotweed occurrences to assist in updating the knotweed inventory for the region.

Japanese knotweed is an invasive perennial plant that has been introduced to North America from Asia as an ornamental plant. It is widely spread throughout the coastal regions of BC and several infestations are known within the TNRD. Land managers in the region are working collaboratively to develop a management strategy to prevent further introduction and spread.

If you have knotweed on your property, please report it by one of the following ways:

​​Additional information about the Knotweed Management Strategy and invasive knotweeds is available HERE!