Thompson Nicola Invasive Plant Management Committee


50% Cost-Share

To qualify for a 50% rebate for chemical control of noxious weeds on your private land:

1. Complete the application form below  to request financial assistance and submit it to the TNRD (click "submit" at the bottom of the page)

2. Once the TNRD confirms funding is available, the landowner must hire a certified pesticide applicator of their choice with a valid service license to do the work. The cost must be within industry standards.

3. Within 30 days of completion of the work, the landowner must forward a copy of the applicator's treatment day sheet, including treatment area maps, applicator certificate number and expiry date, service license number and expiry date, to the TNRD.

50% Cost Share Program Application - TNIPMC

*The TNRD reserves the right to enter said lands and inspect the work to verify its accuracy and completeness. The TNRD reserves the right to release the weed treatment information to the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations, and Rural Development - Invasive and Alien Plant Program (IAPP) database. No personal information will be released. The TNRD shall not be involved in laying out treatment areas, selecting the pesticide applicator, pesticide to be used, applying the pesticide, or other matters of an operational nature. The landowner is solely responsible for all work done by the applicator.

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