Thompson Nicola Invasive Plant Management Committee



Below are links to invasive plant information. 


Seven Steps To Managing Your Weeds - A guide to invasive plant mangement and planning.

Provincial Websites

Report a Weed - Download the report-a-weed app or find out more about provincial invasive plant/species programs

Weeds BC - Invasive plant/species information

IAPP Application - Invasive Alien Plant Program Application - The IAPP database contains invasive plant surveys, treatments, and activity plans for the entire province of BC. The comprehensive data in IAPP is entered by a wide variety of user groups (ministries, regional districts, weed committees, forest licensees, utilities, conservation groups, federal departments and others) on an on-going basis. The data can be queried on a large number of criteria, using one or more of the 11 'canned' queries. In addition, data managers may run and print any one of the 5 activity summary reports.

Provincial Acts - Invasive Species  

BC Weed Control Act 

BC Integrated Pest Management Act

See the Invasive Species Council of BC's list of frequently asked questions here.