Thompson Nicola Invasive Plant Management Committee


TNRD Invasive Plant Programs

The Thompson-Nicola Regional District (TNRD) offers a suite of weed control programs for landowners. These programs are designed to help residents protect their land values from the impacts of select invasive plants and noxious weeds. The programs can be combined to develop and administer effective and affordable weed management on private land. These programs are available to TNRD residents only.

New Invaders Program

The TNRD will cover UP TO 100% of the cost of invasive plant control by a licenced contractor using herbicide, for select "New Invader" plant species.

50% Cost Share Program

The TNRD will rebate landowners up to 50% of the cost to control select invasive plants by a liscenced contractor using herbicide on their priavte land.

Sprayer Loan Out Program

The TNRD has a variety of sprayers, and seed and fertilzer spreaders, available to assist with invasive plant control on private land. This equipment is available for loan–out, for FREE, to TNRD landowners

Private Land Consultations

The TNRD Invasive Plant Program offers  FREE private land consultations. Experts will visit your property and provide specialized advice on weed management strategies.  

Biological Control Program

The TNRD will provide insects to TNRD landowners for release on invasive plant nfestations for long-term invasive plant control, free of charge. .