Thompson Nicola Invasive Plant Management Committee


50% Cost Share Program

The TNRD will rebate landowners up to 50% of the cost to control select invasive plants by a liscenced contractor using herbicide on their priavte land.  Rebate limits are as follows:

  • 160 acres (65 Ha) OR LESS qualify for a maximum rebate of $1,500.

  • OVER 160 acres (65 Ha) qulaify for a maximum rebate of $3,000.

How To Apply

  1. Ensure the invasive plant in question is on the 50% Cost Share Program Eligible Invasive Plant List

  2. Complete the 50% Cost Share Program Application Form 

  3. Make arrangements with a TNRD Noxious Weed Control Contractor from tthe TNRD's Certified Contractor List

  4. Submit your application package for reimbursment