Thompson Nicola Invasive Plant Management Committee


New Invaders Program

New invaders are invasive plants that have limited populations within the TNRD, or are threatening TNRD borders. These plants are a top priority for treatment and monitoring. The goal is to eradicate New Invaders before they spread further. The TNRD will cover UP TO 100% of the cost of invasive plant control by a licenced contractor using herbicide, for select "New Invader" plant species.

How to Apply

  1. Ensure the invasive plant in question is on the New Invader Program Eligible Plant List

  2. Complete the TNRD New Invader Program Application Form and submit for pre-approval

  3. Make arrangements with a TNRD Noxious Weed Control Contractor from tthe TNRD's Certified Contractor List

If you spot a plant that is on the New Invader list, REPORT it immediatley:

  • Phone: 250-851-1699

  • Email:

  • Web: